What does the client pay the personal trainer for?

  • Author: M.V. Plehanova
  • 01.12.2022
  • Blog

This article is based on observations of the work of personal trainers with their clients in various fitness clubs.

When a client comes to a fitness club and decides to purchase the services of a personal trainer, he expects that the trainer will solve his problems, namely, help to achieve results professionally and in the shortest possible time. However, with a sufficiently large number of personal trainers in fitness clubs, only a few work in good faith and take into account the individual characteristics of each of their clients.

Here are 6 examples of the main violations that were identified in the process of evaluating the work of personal trainers with their clients in the gym:

  1. The client does joint exercises as a warm-up before the main part of the session, and the coach stands (with his arms crossed on his chest) and tells the client about his yesterday’s affairs, completely ignoring the client’s exercises, not keeping score, not showing the technique of performing exercises, not correcting the client’s mistakes. This is an example with a warm-up, but similar poor-quality work of trainers is observed at the time of the main part of the training by the client.
  2. In the process of performing exercises by the client in the main part of the workout, the coach tells interesting stories from his life incessantly, constantly distracting the client, which leads to the fact that the client is not focused on the technique of performing the exercise, on breathing, the client begins to laugh during the exercise, which is quite traumatic.
  3. The coach is constantly looking into his phone, texting with someone, taking the client’s time for which he paid.
  4. The trainer begins to simultaneously perform the exercises of his personal training at the time of working with an individual client.
  5. The trainer leaves the client in the process of individual training, because suddenly the delivery of his personal order arrived.
  6. The trainer offers the same type of training to each of his clients.

What can be the reason for such behavior of a personal trainer:

  1. Professional burnout;
  2. Misunderstanding of the essence of their activities and their job responsibilities;
  3. Indifference of the employer (absence of job responsibilities, articles of association, rules of work, requirements, verification of the work of the coaching staff);
  4. Unwillingness to get involved in the process: ” The client pays anyway, why bother?”.

Why does the client pay such a trainer? The answer is simple, the client thinks that this is how it should be. Not every client, especially a beginner, immediately understands that they are being treated unprofessionally. Only after observing other coaches who work with their clients clearly and competently, the client can understand that he made the wrong choice and it is necessary to change the coach to a more professional one.