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Group fitness instructor is a highly demanded profession with the possibility of career development in any direction! Love movement - dancing, aerobics, step aerobics, group strength, stretching, functional training? Then master the starting program and further develop your career in your favorite direction, and we will help you with this! You will learn the fundamentals necessary to work in any group areas: anatomy, physiology, musical literacy, the rules for compiling dance and strength training, stretching. Work both in clubs, studios, and conduct lessons on your own online!

Welcome to the world of fitness possibilities!

As an IFC Certified Group fitness instructor, you will learn to:

Make up various group classes

Develop and conduct workouts in various formats: dance, strength, stretching and relaxation

Demonstrate and instruct correctly when performing exercises

Use the fundamental basis for the future expansion of their knowledge through new courses and directions

Motivate clients and interact with them in the classroom, keep them in your classes

Get an official certificate that opens the door to the world of fitness

Whether you’re just starting your career or looking for a change, IFC can help you turn your passion into a meaningful and rewarding profession.

Here are just a few of your career paths:

• Virtual trainer/online trainer
• Offline fitness trainer in a club, studio
• Coach
• Gym owner/self-employed

Countless places where you can work:

• Gym/health club
• Health care/outpatient clinic
• Community Center
• University, school

Why Choose an IFC Certified Group fitness instructor?


IFC has a very affordable certification in the world.

3 years

3 years
Group instructor certificate valid for 3 years instead of 2 for everyone.

The whole world

The whole world
IFC is accepted all over the world. You will have no restrictions in work.


You get immediate, unlimited and lifetime support.


Immediately after registration, you get access to all your educational materials.

Build a business

Build a business
After training, you will be able not only to work as a group instructor in the club, but also to build your own business. You will learn marketing, sales, social media, online coaching and more.

The program meets the Europe Active standards

The program meets the Europe Active standards

Registration of graduates in a unified register EREPS

Registration of graduates in a unified register EREPS

Choose your study program

Over 10,000 IFC Certified Professionals


550 $

What include

Europe Active standards!

Training and testing period

During this time, you can successfully complete the training course and pass the final test. If you do not have time, you can always extend this period. At the same time, the downloaded educational materials remain with you forever
5 months

Form of education


IFC System

The foundation of your curriculum, where you will receive step-by-step guidance from start to finish, going from training to employment. With an intuitive learning platform compatible with any device, learning is always at your fingertips. IFC Sys helps you plan, manage, and track your course program and offers engaging videos, tutorials, teacher interactions, homework checks, tests, and discounts on dozens of additional courses to expand your competencies and professional skills.

Course facilitator support

Opportunity to communicate with the teacher on the course. Ask questions, get answers from qualified teachers on all topics. Submit your work for verification , improve your knowledge and skills.
Personal accompaniment
Checking and practicing homework
Exercise techniques
The correct preparation of training programs

Full methodological support

Get extensive methodological support for your course. The textbook "Instructor's Guide for group programs", which includes all the basic information of the course, will become your reliable teacher in the world of group training. Knowledge from anatomy to stretching. And also use a collection of clear, interesting instructional video lessons on practice and theory.
video lessons and video lectures
possibility to download materials


Take the opportunity to carefully prepare for the final test by taking mini self-tests. Time and number of attempts for them is not limited
intermediate tests for self-examination and preparation for the final test
unlimited attempts to pass the final test

Graduation document

Get a certified personal trainer document in electronic and / or paper form and build your fast and legitimate career.
instantly e-certificate after successful completion of the final test
paper certificate is sent in tech. 8 weeks after successful completion of the final test
validity of the certificate is 3 years

Special Benefits Program

Expand your opportunities as an IFC student and graduate with additional discounts on dozens of courses, bonuses and gifts
Bonus - seminar
Discount on additional courses
EREPS registration

What does the IFC Certified Group Fitness Instructor course include?

Instant online access to the 7-chapter IFC-GFI interactive digital manual in PDF format (easy to print)

Instant online access to over 10 hours of online learning videos with interactive quizzes so you can be sure you're making progress

Access to intermediate tests for self-test (optional on the tariff Maximum and Standard)

The ability to study from any device. All training is compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android, PC and MAC.

Lifetime 24/7 access to all learning materials even after certification

Plan and visualize learning progress so you can stay focused and stay on track

IFC-GFI Final Test. Unlimited free test attempts!

Learn at your own pace

Upon successful completion of your certification exam, you will immediately receive a digital copy, as well as an 8.5 x 11 paper wall certificate (free on the Max plan, optional on the Standard and Lite plans) by mail with our official seal and signatures, and the title “Certified personal certificate. Fitness instructor”

You’ll receive significant discounts on dozens of IFC courses to help you improve your knowledge, stay on top of your certification, and help you find clients quickly.

NOTE. It is NOT REQUIRED to take this course before enrolling in other courses offered by our college.

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Contents of the IFC-GFI program:

CHAPTER 1 – Introduction to Group fitness
CHAPTER 2 – The Science of Exercise
CHAPTER 3 – Muscular Anatomy
CHAPTER 4 – The Cardiovascular System

CHAPTER 5 – FITTR Principles
CHAPTER 6 – Injury Privention
CHAPTER 7 – Special Populations

Training Details

Detailed and easy-to-do personal fitness workout videos
31 online training videos will make learning simple, understandable and interesting Video lessons and video lectures on the most important topics of the course: anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, exercise technique, flexibility, musical literacy, rules for building combinations and lessons and more. Only 7 modules and 40 topics will allow you to become a competent group fitness instructor.

Teacher control
Group chat or personal accompaniment Have questions? Ask them to your curator in a chat or in a personal messenger

Skill development under personal supervision
Make training and send them for verification. Make sure your workouts are right

Your textbooks are always with you
You have the opportunity to permanently access the materials and return to them in order to refresh your knowledge


Lead and Inspire: Group Training Program Trainer Course
Our course goes beyond traditional fitness training. As a group instructor, you'll master the art of motivating diverse groups, creating impactful fitness experiences. The group exercise instructor training we offer is comprehensive, covering crucial aspects like workout planning and effective communication, empowering you to lead with confidence and expertise.

Flexible Learning: Group Fitness Instructor Course Online
Recognizing the challenges of modern schedules, our group fitness instructor course online offers unparalleled flexibility. This format is ideal for those pondering how to become a group fitness instructor while managing other life commitments.

Your Pathway to Certification
Wondering how to become a certified group fitness instructor? Our course provides a clear and structured path to achieving this goal. With our expert guidance, you'll gain the credentials and confidence to lead group fitness sessions effectively.

Deepen Your Expertise with Our Group Instructor Course The group instructor course at IFC College is meticulously designed to enhance your understanding of group dynamics in fitness. It's an essential course for those aiming to broaden their skill set and provide more value in their fitness classes.

Why IFC College Stands Out
Real-World Expertise: Our trainers are industry veterans, bringing practical insights into the classroom.
Focused Curriculum: The course comprehensively addresses all facets of group fitness, ensuring a well-rounded education.
Career Advancement: Graduates are prepared for diverse opportunities in the fitness industry, from leading classes to entrepreneurial ventures.

Begin Your Professional Journey Today
If you're ready to become a certified group fitness instructor, IFC College is your ideal starting point. Enroll now and join a community dedicated to health, wellness, and professional growth.


Reviews IFC College

Charles Green

I passed the program "Instructor of group programs" and was very satisfied. Many advantages: a serious approach, clear-cut video lectures, valuable methodological materials, access to thematic video tutorials of the college on youtube, all teachers and the curator are always in touch. Despite the heavy workload and the need to devote a lot of time to the learning process, I did not regret for a second that I started training. If you are in doubt whether to act remotely or not, do it without hesitation.

Reviews IFC College

Tamari Rekhviashvili

Hello, the feedback about the training is the most positive! I graduated as an Instructor of group programs, the training was at a high level, I would like to express my gratitude to all the Teachers and the college Administration. All the trainers-teachers gave very competent and accessible material, both practical and theoretical, interested and motivated in each of the directions I passed, real professionals in their field. Thank you for the moral and physical support, patience, the desire to share knowledge, a favorable atmosphere in the classroom, kindness and individual approach!

Reviews IFC College

Mariam Khalvashi

Good afternoon. She was trained under the program "Instructor of group programs". The theoretical material is given in a very detailed way, excellent presentations, video lessons, everything is clear and detailed. Classes were held personally with the coach, everything is clearly explained, shown. Studying at your college is a pleasure. Thank you for giving me such a large amount of knowledge.

What is the format of the classes

Fitness theory
Gym practice
Group training practice

If you want to watch a demo video in another language, please submit a request.


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