Program description

The Personal Fitness Trainer program will allow you to master all the subtleties necessary to work as a trainer. You will study anatomy, physiology, human biomechanics, learn how to create a training program for a variety of categories of clients and adjust it as you achieve your goals. This program will give you everything you need to start your career. In the future, you will be able to replenish your knowledge and make training more effective, expand your client base with your new skills and abilities. An effective personal trainer is not only a workout in the gym, but also an integrated approach with knowledge of nutrition, Pilates, rehabilitation and wellness. There are no limits for career growth! After all, you can work both in a club, studio and conduct classes online.

Dare and start your journey in the world of professional fitness!

As an IFC Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, you will learn to:

Accurately assess clients' health, fitness and skill levels and use this information to set clear and realistic goals.

Design workouts based on the client's individual needs and goals based on scientific principles.

Correctly demonstrate and instruct when performing exercises, using the principles of biomechanics and motivation.

Compose competent diets to achieve the goals of the client.

Compose advertisements and sell your personal services.

Retain and motivate people to work with you.

Get an official certificate that opens the door to the world of fitness

Whether you’re just starting your career or looking for a change, IFC can help you turn your passion into a meaningful and rewarding profession.

Here are just a few of your career paths:

• Virtual trainer/online trainer
• Offline fitness trainer in a club, studio
• Coach
• Gym owner/self-employed

Countless places where you can work:

• Gym/health club
• Health care/outpatient clinic
• Community Center
• University

Why Choose an IFC Certified Personal Trainer Course?


IFC has a very affordable certification in the world.

3 years

3 years
Personal training certificate valid for 3 years instead of 2 for everyone.

The whole world

The whole world
IFC is accepted all over the world. You will have no restrictions in work.


You get immediate, unlimited and lifetime support.


Immediately after registration, you get access to all your educational materials.

Build a business

Build a business
After training, you will be able not only to work as a personal trainer in the club, but also to build your own business. You will learn marketing, sales, social media, online coaching and more.

The program meets the Europe Active standards

The program meets the Europe Active standards

Registration of graduates in a unified register EREPS

Registration of graduates in a unified register EREPS

How to become a personal fitness trainer according to Europe Active standards and get registered with EREPS?

IFC allows anyone who wants to get a top profession in the world of fitness - a personal fitness trainer. Our training is distinguished by the fact that the program meets the strict international standards of Europe Active and your knowledge and skills after training will fully comply with international requirements.

The Personal Fitness Trainer program is held in an offline format with a small proportion of online theory lessons.

This will allow you:

  1. Receive theoretical knowledge from anywhere in the world and stay in touch with us with the effect of being present in the lesson

  2. Practice offline individually or in mini groups. Maximum efficiency and quality knowledge directly in the club

  3. Submit the test to your supervisor and receive instant feedback

Choose your study program

Over 10,000 IFC Certified Professionals


750 $

What include

Europe Active standards!

Training and testing period

During this time, you can successfully complete the training course and pass the final test. If you do not have time, you can always extend this period. At the same time, the downloaded educational materials remain with you forever
6 months

Form of education


IFC System

The foundation of your curriculum, where you will receive step-by-step guidance from start to finish, going from training to employment. With an intuitive learning platform compatible with any device, learning is always at your fingertips. IFC Sys helps you plan, manage, and track your course program and offers engaging videos, tutorials, teacher interactions, homework checks, tests, and discounts on dozens of additional courses to expand your competencies and professional skills.

Course facilitator support

Opportunity to communicate with the teacher on the course. Ask questions, get answers from qualified teachers on all topics. Submit your work for verification , improve your knowledge and skills.
Personal accompaniment
Checking and practicing homework
Exercise techniques
The correct preparation of training programs

Full methodological support

Get the most comprehensive methodological support for your course. Based on the latest scientific research, The Personal Fitness Trainer's Guide is your trusted teacher in the world of personal training. Knowledge from anatomy to business development. And also use a collection of clear, interesting training video lessons on practice and theory.
Video lessons and video lectures
Possibility to download materials


Take the opportunity to carefully prepare for the final test by taking mini self-tests. Time and number of attempts for them is not limited
Intermediate tests for self-examination and preparation for the final test
Unlimited attempts to pass the final test

Graduation document

Get a certified personal trainer document in electronic and / or paper form and build your fast and legitimate career.
Instantly e-certificate after successful completion of the final test
Paper certificate is sent in tech. 8 weeks after successful completion of the final test
Validity of the certificate is 3 years

Special Benefits Program

Expand your opportunities as an IFC student and graduate with additional discounts on dozens of courses, bonuses and gifts
Bonus - seminar
Discount on additional courses
EREPS registration

What does the IFC Certified Personal Fitness Trainer course include?

Instant online access to the 14-chapter IFC-PFT interactive digital manual in PDF format (easy to print)

Instant online access to over 10 hours of online learning videos with interactive quizzes so you can be sure you're making progress

Access to intermediate tests for self-test (optional on the tariff Maximum and Standard)

The ability to study from any device. All training is compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android, PC and MAC.

Lifetime 24/7 access to all learning materials even after certification

Plan and visualize learning progress so you can stay focused and stay on track

IFC-PFT Final Test 125 questions, 2 hour multiple choice exam. Up to 5 free test attempts!

Learn at your own pace

* Upon successful completion of your certification exam, you will immediately receive a digital copy, as well as an 8.5 x 11 paper wall certificate (free on the Max plan, optional on the Standard and Lite plans) by mail with our official seal and signatures, and the title “Certified personal certificate. Fitness instructor”

* You’ll receive significant discounts on dozens of IFC courses to help you improve your knowledge, stay on top of your certification, and help you find clients quickly.

NOTE. It is NOT REQUIRED to take this course before enrolling in other courses offered by our college.

Learning process

  1. Registration for training
  2. Studying theory on the platform
  3. Doing homework under the supervision of a teacher
  4. Performing intermediate tests
  5. Attending offline lessons on theory and practice. Skills training. Lessons are conducted both in individual format and in mini groups
  6. Passing the final test and practical test
  7. Completion of final qualifying work
  8. Obtaining an IFC certificate
  9. Registration in EREPS

Any other questions? Contact us:

Contents of the IFC-PFT program:

CHAPTER 1 – Introduction to Personal Training
CHAPTER 2 – Exercise Physiology
CHAPTER 3 – Kinesiology and Functional Anatomy
CHAPTER 4 – Applied Biomechanics
CHAPTER 5 – Flexibility
CHAPTER 6 – Nutrition
CHAPTER 7 – Special Populations

CHAPTER 8  – Grades
CHAPTER 9 – Program Design
CHAPTER 10 – Application of Exercises
CHAPTER 11 – Safety, Injury Prevention and Treatment
CHAPTER 12 – The Psychology of Exercise
CHAPTER 13-14 – Business Strategies and Applications for a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Training Details

Detailed and easy-to-do personal fitness workout videos
38 online training videos will make learning simple, understandable and interesting Video lessons and video lectures on the most important topics of the course: anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, exercise technique, flexibility, nutrition, business and more. Only 14 modules and 100 topics will allow you to become a competent personal trainer.

Teacher control
Group chat or personal accompaniment Have questions? Ask them to your curator in a chat or in a personal messenger

Skill development under personal supervision
Make training, nutrition, client escort programs and send them for verification. Make sure your workouts are right

Your textbooks are always with you
You have the opportunity to permanently access all the materials and return to them in order to refresh your knowledge

Offline sessions in mini groups or privately will help you practice the technique of practical exercises and thoroughly analyze the entire theory

Convenient class schedule, which you can adjust to suit your work, study or plan your visit to Tbilisi

Live meetings with teachers will give you confidence in your knowledge and skills
Practicing practice on clients will give you the first experience of working and interacting with clients.


Personal Trainer Education: Your Stepping Stone to Excellence
Embark on a journey of excellence with our personal trainer education. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to cover all essential aspects of personal training, from in-depth anatomy studies to cutting-edge nutritional strategies and effective client communication techniques.

Be a Certified Personal Trainer: Stand Out in the Industry
Earning a personal trainer certification course from our prestigious institution is a testament to your dedication and expertise. This certification is a crucial step for those aiming to become a personal trainer, setting you apart in the competitive industry.

Personal Trainer Education: Master Advanced Techniques
Our personal fitness trainer education extends beyond basic training principles. It encompasses advanced techniques in exercise science, client motivation, and strategic program design, equipping you to address a wide range of client needs and excel in your career.

Training Course for Personal Trainer: Engaging and Practical Experience an engaging and practical learning environment with our training course for personal trainer. This course offers interactive online sessions, hands-on exercises, and personalized feedback, all designed to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Instructor Courses: Pave Your Way to a Fulfilling Career
Our personal fitness instructor courses are your pathway to a fulfilling and dynamic career. Ideal for career changers or those looking to augment their skill set, these courses provide comprehensive training to ensure your success.

Trainer School: A Hub of Expertise
Join our personal trainer school, a vibrant community where enthusiasts and professionals converge. Here, you'll gain access to expert guidance, peer networking opportunities, and the tools to transform your passion into a thriving career.

Trainer Study: Comprehensive and Up-to-Date
Dive into a comprehensive and up-to-date personal trainer study program. Our materials are meticulously crafted to ensure an engaging and thorough understanding of training, blending theoretical knowledge with practical application.

Schooling to Be a Personal Trainer: Embark on a Transformative Journey
Your schooling to be a personal trainer with us is more than just an educational experience. It's a transformative journey that fosters personal growth, deepens your understanding of the science behind training, and hones the skills needed to inspire and lead others.

Trainer Training: Comprehensive and In-Depth
The personal fitness trainer training we offer is comprehensive, covering all aspects of training. This program is ideal for deepening your understanding and enhancing your ability to design effective, personalized regimens.

Online Courses: Learn Anywhere, Anytime
Our online personal fitness training courses provide the flexibility to learn at your own pace, anywhere, anytime. These courses are perfect for those who need a flexible learning schedule without compromising the quality and depth of their education.


Can I take this program online only?

How much time does it take for offline and online lessons?

Where and how are lessons held?

Are there many people in the groups?

What is the class schedule?

Look at examples from our students' full-time tests


Reviews IFC College

Nicole Taylor

Graduated from distance learning in the direction of "Personal fitness trainer". I would like to mention a large amount of information, a lot of additional materials, video lectures, all this is a good base for a novice coach. The main thing is not to stop there and continue to develop. I really liked the teacher Nika Bujiashvili, excellent presentation of the material, his lectures are a pleasure! Thanks to the college for bonuses and discounts! I think I will come back here again. In the meantime, I'm waiting for my diploma.

Reviews IFC College

Ruth Brown

Good evening! I completed my training in the direction of "Personal fitness trainer" remotely. I would like to express my gratitude to the curator and the teachers who accompanied me during the educational process, always answered my questions. The training took place remotely in a comfortable mode for me, but at first there were difficulties in order to integrate into the training and several times I was just worried that I didn't have time for anything, then I learned to allocate my time and everything went like clockwork). The amount of information received is very large, everything is clear and interesting. I will definitely come back for new knowledge.

Reviews IFC College

Davit Zaqaradze

I would like to express my special gratitude to the College of Fitness for an exciting and interesting training program "Personal Fitness Trainer"! The first surprise for me was the video lectures, which are presented in such an easy and understandable format that sometimes you forget that you are studying. Considering what I was doing before, I realized that my knowledge was not enough and I had to delve into some points. Teachers respond very promptly to the sent assignments and questions that arose during the training process, but there were few questions, since everything is described in detail in the manuals, you need to read it several times and everything becomes clear. Many thanks to the teaching staff for the development of unique teaching aids!

What is the format of the classes

Fitness theory
Gym practice
Group training practice

If you want to watch a demo video in another language, please submit a request.


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